Your yard looks beautiful with stately trees dotting the landscape. But when the trees become overgrown with dead and decaying branches, those same trees are a safety risk for your family. Dead branches are a liability and safety hazard. During extreme weather and high winds, dead branches fall on houses and cars causing expensive repair bills. If you have trees that are dead or petrified, it is time to remove those trees from your property. Dead or dying trees detract from the curb appeal of your home or business property. Your yard should have beautiful green healthy trees instead of ugly old dead ones. By removing unsightly trees, your property value increases. Regular maintenance that includes trimming and tree removal will keep your property safe and attractive.

Timely maintenance of your trees will prolong their lifespan. After all, the goal is to keep the trees looking green and healthy for as long as possible. Who doesn’t like the look of a beautiful green tree? They provide oxygen and beauty. They are great for hanging up a hammock or an old-fashioned tire swing. On a hot summer day, sitting in the shade of a tree and having a picnic is fun. But if your yard is full of ugly trees that drop branches, none of those fun activities can be enjoyed. When your trees start dropping branches, this is the time to think about calling a professional tree removal company. An arborist, or tree specialist, will review your trees and provide solutions for maintaining and keeping them healthy. The tree specialist will tell you which trees can be kept and which ones should be removed.

Leaning trees are more dangerous than trees that stand vertical. Leaning indicates a condition of weakened roots. Such a tree is in an unhealthy condition. If a tree is leaning more than fifteen percent from a vertical position, have the tree removed. With trees under power lines, the height of the tree should be less than twenty-five feet. Trees that are too tall or overgrown with weak or decayed branches are a safety risk. When the trees are intertwined with utility wires, during storms this situation is unsafe. Strong winds cause the branches to break bringing down power lines causing a fire and disruption of electric service. Some rural and urban areas still have overhead utility and phone lines. During powerful wind storms, overgrown trees cause a lot of power outages.

To avoid expensive emergency tree removal situations, be proactive and hire a professional tree removal service to assess your trees. Before inclement weather strikes, remove dead trees. During strong winds, trees that lean or have weak branches will fall on a house or car. It is easier for a tree removal crew to cut trees when the weather is dry than during a storm. The safety of your family is of paramount importance. As a homeowner, the best decision to make is to remove dead trees from your yard to protect your family and property.