Wondering what to take on your next road trip that will work for comfort and vehicle emergencies? Before you start your next adventure, take your automobile in for a checkup on the engine and tires. If you know that your vehicle is roadworthy, you will enjoy a stress-free vacation. Make a list of items to pack for a breakdown emergency or a flat tire. Check with your automobile insurance company to ensure that you have roadside assistance coverage. Some insurance companies offer it for free or for a reasonable price. Check the free apps on your mobile phone. Think about a program like ONSTAR or something like it. Purchase a new road atlas. When you can’t obtain a good signal for your mobile phone, an atlas will come in handy.

At many big-box retail stores, you can find an atlas or a roadmap. Keep your load light and don’t overpack. Make sure that you have your driver’s license in your possession. Ensure that the car registration and proof of insurance are tucked within the vehicle’s glovebox. Check the quality of your tires, the tire pressure, the car lights, emergency flashers, wipers, and mirrors. Fill up the necessary fluids to keep your car in tip-top condition. In other words, make sure your car is in good working order before you “hit the road”. 

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Here is a handy list of items to use for your road trip. Take a first aid kit, flashlights, bottled water, travel mugs, toilet paper, and paper towel. Other items to take along on your trip should include, a tire iron, jack, tire gauge, jumper cables, maps, pen, pencil, paper, hand sanitizer, bug spray, a few towels, sunglasses, spare cash, and change for toll roads. Cash works when plastic (money) cards don’t work. If you are traveling to a cold climate, take along a winter coat, a snow shovel, umbrella, raingear, an ice scraper, and a squeegee for clean windows. Reiterating, cold weather trips require heavy clothing and a blanket which are necessities. Prescription medicine and over-the-counter remedies are must-have items for headaches and stomach aches.

Don’t forget the hats, gloves, mittens, socks, and waterproof boots. If your trip heads to the southern part of the USA to the beach for sun and fun. Bring the suntan lotion, flip flops, sunglasses, and a few beach towels and water toys. Take the USB cords, phone chargers, a hands-free kit for your mobile phone, portable wi-fi to stay connected, sing-along music, and some travel games to keep the kiddies entertained. If your family likes to read, take along a kindle device, a few books, clip lights, and extra batteries. It might be a good idea to bring along a few travel pillows, and a couple of UV window shades to block out the sun. Raisins work well for a quick energy snack and crackers are good for an upset stomach. Take along a big bottle of ginger-ale and extra cups. Avoid stress, stay alert, well-rested, and enjoy your road trip.